Hey everybody, I have a blog. (AND I’m going to write in it!). I don’t know if you guys know this, but I suck at talking and writing. People tell me I’m on drugs or something. I don’t know where they get that from. Whatever.

   So I went to school today really worried because I woke up late and didn’t have time to shower (this may be TMI, but it really helps describe my mindset for the schoolday. sorry for grossing you out.) All I could think about first period was how my hair must look greasy through everyone’s science goggles. We were doing this calcium experiment, and I was group leader- again. We were lighting this calcium-water gas on fire, but all it did was fizz out or something more scientific. I don’t know, but anyway I started this day very anxious. Like I do many other days. Speaking of anxious, I had this orthodontist appointment right after school. (MY FAULT: I broke the stupid retainer by biting into Easter chocolate. WTF! J. Jeffrey Arnold told me that thing was permanent! I wasn’t biting into like a brick wall or anything.) So I am in the car with my mother riding out to lyndhurst, we get through the ortho appointment, and everything’s ok. I kind of like these annoying excursions because they may be frustrating, but I really get to have some good, quality talking time with my mom. We don’t talk that much because we’re supa busy all the time, and we’re like relationally retarded. Anyway, I was enjoying talking to her on the way back because she said something to me that made me feel very loved and encouraged…

   We were talking about word and Elli and Dad and life and stuff, and one of this stuff was pretty cool to me. She asked me about how my friends are or something, and I was talking to her about Destiny, Christine, and Shijia. After talking about how messed up Destiny’s family is, how unrelational and turbo-tribal Shijia and Christine are, mom told me that it was really amazing how many people I’ve built into. She was talking about what a different person I am relationally from around this time last year. Missy and Sam had left, and I was pretty depressed and bitter and stuff. I wasn’t really building into other relationships, but now I have those people I listed before AND BECKY. WHO’S AWESOME! I was reflecting on that in writing this blog, and I definitely am feeling really grateful for all these people. AND DI- LIKE HUGAMUNGO GRATEFUL FOR HER!!!! It was definitely encouraging because I want to keep this up and build more into these people and hopefully Christine and Destiny will get saved through me. I feel so loved by this. i’m also excited for relationships because the tribal chics leaders meeting really made me encouraged and pumped to try to get some victories. I need to go eat dinner, but I want to write more about gratefulness and relationships. Blog-out. 

5 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. Adi, I think you are a pretty good writer. I can see your personality and great sense of humor coming through. That is also cool that you have a good relationship with your Mom- Definitely something to be thankful for!

  2. Adi, your blog cracks me up. Your informal, somewhat-rambling style is very entertaining. It takes me right back to high school, except you’re actually expressing joy and gratitude and I was always angst-ridden and depressed as a teenager.

  3. OMG adi, thanks, i feel so loved. it is super cool that you’ve built in to so many people (like me, and i know it’s been tough cause i too am relationally retarded), so thanx and way to go. and i’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂

  4. becky i love you. i feel loved too. i think you can have a story like that and become an awesome relational person with a lot of people looking to you as a good friend.

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