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So in Chemistry class we do labs and boring stuff. But labs are better. We get into Lab groups and the teacher appoints a leader for each group by saying stuff like: “Whoever has the birthday that’s closest to Christmas is the leader of the group.” This is all very creative and all, but this wonderful little technique always lands me the lab-ruler position or whatever it is. I’ve gotten all 7-8 times. I remember there was a crazy one like “whoever has a dog with the name that starts with the letter closest to the letter J”. Where did my exquisite teacher get that one? Of course I got the position, because as most of you know, my late dog’s name was ‘junior’. Today’s happened to be “Whoever’s Middle name ends in the letter closest to ‘A’.” Guess what my middle name is: Kristina. So I’m lab leader yet again. I didn’t really want to be, because this one girl in my group looked really excited about maybe being a lab leader, but her middle name is mary. How’re you going to get anywhere with a middle name of mary? Whatever, I don’t even think this little thing is blogworthy, but  I thought it was funny, and I don’t want to do homework. What’s new.

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  1. you’ve been the lab leader every time? that’s crazy! Yea, she used that one for our class today too. You know what would be crazy if the lord was trying to show something with being the ‘Lab Leader’ every time… Maybe he’s trying to get you to initiate with others through putting you in the leader position without being able to avoid it. The likelihood of that being true is probably very low, but it’s just a thought I had…

    A good element of leadership is being able to lead others, even when you’re under pressure and you don’t want to lead. I think it applies very well to you, adi, because from my experiences with you as a brother in Christ you often react slowly or negatively against others trying to make you decide to come up with what we should do. I know I’ve done that to ya! Maybe not in a way that was very loving, and most likely out of bitterness and trying to get revenge.

    Leading is tough, especially in trying to lead lovingly and for the will of God rather then our own.

    Hah, so that’s what I thought about your blog, thought it’d be something you can actually read and respond to, rather then just saying, “Woot! Adi started a blog!!”

  2. What I think is funny is Jeff’s comment about your blog is almost as long as your actual blog. Anyway, I remember when we went to Blow Out Camp and they let me chose who the hopper (the person would would get the food, take up the dishes, and throw away trash) for the tables would be and people would always say things like the hopper is the person with the longest hair, etc. Well, it was the end of the week so I had the hopper be the person that had been the hopper the most times already that week. The announcement was met with an intense groan. I still smile when I think about that!

  3. Ahhh Baddorf’s labs are nice. Whenever I was in a group, we tended to use what she said as a default if nobody wanted to be the leader.

    Well hey, look at where you are now, you’re not in that situation, you are reading this comment. Now you are reading this sentence. Oh I have so much control right now…..anyways the point is roughing out the storm so you can enjoy the sunshine.

    Joe I think Jeff’s is in fact longer than Adi’s post….haha.

  4. hahaha goo goo ga, adi your middle name is kristin-a

    so you just take that, dont hit me with a bat, or in my pants i might shat.

    but for real though, maybe ur teach is a stalker that wants you

  5. hey adi! i just though it was hilarious that that one girl will never get anywhere in life because her middle name is mary…it was a pretty sweet blog. cause baddorf is totally batty like that.

  6. guys guess what. i haven’t been lab leader since this post. i feel like i lost something inside, a crucial part of me that i can’t live without, an inexplicable attachment to being forced into leading apathetic teenagers.


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