I feel stupid writing about myself on this thing. Do people really want to read this? I like joe’s blogs, but I always forget the sweet thoughts like that. What do you even write about anyway?

4 thoughts on “Blog?”

  1. Yes, people read your blog. I love your blog! I just don’t always realize when there’s new ones. I think I need to get that e-mail update thingy Neil’s got.
    So keep blogging. Your style is hilarious. It kind of reminds me of humor writers like Dave Barry or David Sedaris who always go off on funny little tangents.

  2. Adi you are funny…you say you don’t know what to write about, then come out with 3 blogs at the same time!

    Kalie, you need to get an RSS reader. It will make your problem go away. You’ll see new blog entries right away, just like getting an e-mail.

  3. i like your art, you should post some. I, being an artist myself, enjoy many of your pieces and you can explain them too.
    Plus, elli tells me your teaching. you should write about how thats going and what youve learned. cause elli said you are a great writer.


    p.s. i love elli

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