I’m a blogging!

BEEP…This is a test of the emergency broadcast system….BEEP

I’m excited to finally be set up on this blog site. I’m thinking of something to blog about, but in the meantime I wanted to figure out how this site works.

This is a test, this is only a test. BEEP

8 thoughts on “I’m a blogging!

  1. Di, although I’m excited at the propects you blogging might bring, I am cautiously optimistic as most new bloggers rarely make it past those first few “I’m finally blogging” entries.

  2. Once again, Keith the Cyber Bully is using the blogosphere to rip and diss people. Sorry this has to go down here Di. But hey, it boosts the number of comments you have…Quality? That’s arguable…but don’t you actually have to blog more than once a month to argue about quantity, Keith? Check the stats, the proof is in the pudding!

  3. Hi Di. You have quite a buzz surrounding your blog. Everyone is waiting with bated breath. I can’t get half this many posts to my non-testing blogs!

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