Poems i spit out in journalism

elli morscher

Monster, Monster what have you done

Living alone, just as one

Nothing can save you from your mind

it raps you up in your cozy bind

what can i say? what can i do?

Theres nothing that can stop you

Nothing there to bare

Your feelings are hid with care

Can you say anything at all?

Theres no voice to your call

And I cant help but care

Your face is the one i wear

Saving you is the key

Saving you is saving me


elli morscher

It takes time to learn what to say

Your eyes press upon me,

Put me to shame.

The same torment everyday

What else can I be?

Just put me along with your blame.

There is nothing I can do

There is nothing I can do

Nothing I can say, that can be true

That would turn your gaze and shift your mind

There are no words of this kind

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