Oh hear oh hear, my dear year!

Oh hear oh hear, my dear year!
For you, i have left not one tear
You have not left with such disgrace,
I just rejoice being rid of your face

You were kind and warm,
Yet that caused a storm

The want to be rid of thee
Was overruled by your silent plea,

‘Yes?’ said I
to the voice of my,

‘Do you remember me?’
said the woeful she.

‘Dear, how I cannot forget!
Your laughter is a magnet,

In your eyes, i see no demise,
Alas, I must say my goodbyes.’

She then asked what good was she.
O what she cannot see!

The warm breeze i can only dream
and the soft water make me beam!

The cool touch of night after a hot day,
Alas, it was not even the month of May.

Though she was not always so kind,
she couldnt be to cure my bind.

She brought me together,
seeing the truth alas, nether.

She let me live on my own
though i could not, i was shown.

She made me doubt,
Squirm, cry out!

But settled those pains through prayer
to a much, much higher player.

Not only once was this need be,
For my mind is proud–is me.

Thoughts remained too strained, too proud
I tried balancing on my own little cloud.

Up in the air with no one around,
I could feel as the 08 wonds knocked me down!

The princess had fallen, along with her crown.
At the time I sure indeed did frown.

But Eight brought me back,
Her promise was none to lack.

And as she left, never to be seen again,
my cold 08 heart was indeed slain.

She leaves now with peace in my book,
regretting nothing from me which she took.

For she stole a girl who was not me.
she stole a  girl as cold and fearful as she.

But what she gave was so much more.
To love is what she left for.



—->> weirdest thing ever written, if you dont know what it means, i will try to explain lol

2 thoughts on “Oh hear oh hear, my dear year!”

  1. I totally get what you are saying. And I would not say this is the weirdest thing ever written. In fact I think it’s one of the most creative and insightful things you have ever written. I loved it and can totally related to it. It’s always a wonderful thing to feel like you have had a layer of skin shed off of you, becoming all the more transparent.

    Be off with you and Good riddance 08 girl!!

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