I Am Jack’s Beating Heart.

Watching the best movie ever last night, because Jeff left it at my house, it got me thinking about it. AGAIN.
everytime i watch that movie, it dazzles me. Like, how could somebody be so creative to think of that whole plot? Not even that, how is someone creative enough to think of all those crazy little details, like:

“…I am Jack’s colon.”
“I g
et cancer and kill you.”

I was trying to think of my favorite part, line, character…
My favorit
e part is definitely every part. I cannot decide. The addiction to peer groups is such a crazy and creative segment but the chemical burn is way awesome. I honestly stayed up, staring at the glowing stars on my ceiling thinking about this… it was fun.

My character? Well I love oh so much, but the clever narrator is way more captivating. But, I can say I like them both because in the end, you find out… well, i guess i wont spoil it for everyone.

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