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In our church, one of the most anticipated events on the calendar is the annual (or semi-annual now) baptisms. We love the baptisms because even if we’re not actively participating in the events of the day, we get to come and see how the Lord has been working in people’s lives across our church to love them and make himself known to them.

The day is a wildly exciting time for the believers getting baptized, the people baptizing them, and their families and friends. It is also a great time for spectators to be encouraged and experience the zeal that a new believer has when they’re in a fresh relationship with Jesus. Often, that feeling has a way of rubbing off onto you as you listen – maybe it stirs something in your heart you’ve never felt before about the need to know your creator or helps rekindle a spiritual flame that was becoming dull…  

However, once the baptisms are over, unless you’re closely tied to that specific person you won’t know what’s going on in their life.Occasionally, you’ll hear stories through others or at CT sharing (our main church meeting), but typically don’t hear from “baptizees” afterwards. That’s too bad, because God is working and building his church and there’s a lot of great things happening! Just as it’s stirring to hear what happened to lead to a salvation, it’s also thrilling to hear what God is doing and continues to do in a believer’s life.

I hope to provide a small window into that, give you a chance to get to know someone maybe you didn’t a little better, hear how the Lord is working in their lives, and be encouraged in your own relationship with Jesus doing so.

We’re also going to have fun doing it, so we’ll have a flexible, organic, fluid structure. I apologize in advance if someone says a bad word. Along with a rotating guest list, I’ll have different co-hosts. Maybe I’ll have more than one. Every person is different and their story reflects that, so every episode should too. In the end, the one constant will be Jesus Christ and how He is working and growing His church.

Finally, about the “This Joe Show” name. The show is not really about me at all. But, years ago someone had a bright idea that I’d make a good talk show host so we actually filmed some footage for something called The Joe Show which included a set-up on the 2nd floor of the Kent State student center and me interviewing a guy named Mitch. We even had an amazing them song for the show using the music to Marilyn Manson’s “The Dope Show” which involved Jake singing “Ja Ja Ja Jooooe Show” over and over. Long story short and for whatever reason (it was probably horrible), that incarnation of the show never made it.

So, since I’m the one doing the podcast, I thought it would be cool to resurrect the name. Plus, “The Joe wants to be spiritual and edifying and talk about Jesus but also funny and not lame and do things with his friends and learn about other people show” is too long. Only trouble is there are other podcasts called The Joe Show. Obviously, you’re looking for THIS Joe Show and not those other Joe Shows, so that’s how we arrived at the name.  

In the end, I don’t think the name matters a great deal because hopefully people who want to listen to the show will because they know what it is already. I’m trying to appeal to our church fellowship, maybe their family, friends etc. and there’s really no aspiration outside of that.

Hope you enjoy, are encouraged, edified, laugh, etc.