From a young age Neil was agreeable to the gospel message, but the example of others following Jesus helped him see the value of following God with his life.

Since then, the Lord has transformed Neil’s desires into much more than he could have imagined.

We’re joined by Neil’s brother Lee and Chris and Kevin Baker. We also talk about how a vision and partnership for missions in India was born, Neil’s burden for personal finance, the VFW building, stories from construction and property maintenance, and more. We got this one in right before social distancing and staying at home.

Listener discretion is advised, as this episode is definitely GP-13.

Brian (Part 2)

On part 2 of Brian’s story, we talk about Brian’s convictions about finances, heaven, and his unlikely path to leadership. Again, Nick and Kevin join us. We learn that Brian is not not an entertaining person. This episode is not sponsored by

Brian (Part 1)

On the first episode of a two part series, Brian was raised a rule following catholic. Introverted, but faithful he began questioning his existing beliefs and seeking answers. In college, he met Nick and the two friends eventually found Jesus through a carpool. We talk about Brian’s upbringing, what that time in college was like for both Brian and Nick, and Brian’s pursuit of Mandy. We’re also joined by Kevin Baker.


Joel grew up in a Christian home where truth was paramount. God worked to use his discontent for the institutional church and his pursuit of a PhD to bring him to Northeast Ohio and give him a vibrant campus ministry. We also talk about “project bankruptcy”, a vision for our church’s future, and reflections on his father’s life. We are joined by Chris and Kevin Baker.